Fritz DavisAbout Us

The Red River Miner is owned and operated by myself, Fritz Davis (Editor/Photographer), and my wife Kerry Shepherd (Publisher/Art Director). After frequent visits over the years, we came to realize that Red River was where we wanted to be. That decided, we moved here in 1989 from Wichita, Kansas and never looked back. Kerry came as an artist/designer with excellent computer skills and I as an entertainer/writer/photographer. She gradually transitioned from stained glass design business to graphic design and then took a position as town librarian in 1992 which she maintains to this day. I’ve been singing and playing at venues in town and around the area since ‘89 and have recorded three CDs in the last few years. Like most Red Riverites, we wear many hats and the Miner is the newest.

The Miner

The Red River Miner came about in 1993 as a result of Kerry and I being recruited by the Red River Ranger, a short-lived weekly hometown newspaper started by Barry McWilliams, war cartoonist and journalist. Barry’s idea was to create newspapers for a bunch of little communities around the region, starting with Cimarron, drawing staff from the communities themselves. It was a great idea and worked briefly (about 5 weeks in Red River’s case) until the scope got unmanageable with 10+ different newspapers to get out weekly. The upside was that the project showed us that this community did indeed want and was willing to support a local newspaper and that we had the skills to produce it ourselves. With a commitment from several local businesses to advertise, the Red River Miner was off and running on May 20, 1993 and has been thriving ever since with the help and support of the community and our contributing writers, who have been invaluable over the years.

Our Mission

The mission of the Miner is, and always has been, to keep locals connected and part-time residents and visitors informed of happenings present and future. Red River is a family-oriented community with very little crime - a speeding skateboard or occasional deer jaywalking - no driveby shootings to cover, or corporate or governmental scandals to expose - one of many reasons we all live here. As a result, we’re sometimes accused of not being a “real” newspaper. We make no apology for reporting good news and having columns that make people smile, and hopefully think, rather than despairing for humanity. As far as we, and most of our readers are concerned, it’s a good thing and we hope you agree and will read the Miner often. However, if you’re looking for breaking news about crime and corruption, please look elsewhere - that’s not who we are and you won‘t find it here.