Flower ladiesA Bloomin’ Town

Thanks to the volunteers who make the flower beds at Town Hall such a wonderful place. L-R: Carrie Venezia, Kim Leach, Tiffany Thomas Gebhardt (not pictured), Sean Gebhardt, Krystle Rivera, Kelley Cherry and Nina Elmshaeuser.

Magic Skies

Sheryl Bhame, who has lived in Red River for four years, is announcing the release of her newly published book Magic in the Skies of Northern New Mexico. The Xlibris bookstore has her referenced under Photography, as well as Travel, USA and West.  They are the publisher, but the book can also be accessed through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google Books.

She has been juried into the 53rd annual Newport Beach CA. art exhibition on June 17. Two of her surrealistic photographs will be featured.

Foundation - Buckaroo Ball

The Red River Valley Foundation is in immediate need of volunteers to serve on committees and subcommittees for their annual Buckaroo Ball to benefit the Foundation, and through them the residents of our area. They are needed to help with various activities including decorations, ticket sales, auctions, food, registration and check-out, publicity, facility set-up, bar, etc. in addition to serving on committees.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Mayor Linda Calhoun who will be coordinating the committees by email at calhoun@newmexcom.

Slash Removal

Beginning on June 19, 2017, the AWWT will no longer be accepting slash due to limited space at the slash/brush pile.

Slash can be burned on private property by getting a burn permit from the Red River Fire Station on High Street.

Brush will continue to be accepted at the Taos Landfill at the regular price.

Lock Those Dumpsters!

The Town currently has a serious problem with bears getting in the dumpsters, largely caused by humans not locking them after depositing their trash. Additionally a few thoughtless souls have been putting food on top of the dumpsters to attract the bears for photo ops. Not only is this practice illegal, but it will very likely result in the bear being killed.

Similarly many people are feeding the deer, another illegal practice that can result in serious injury. They may not have big sharp teeth and claws, but they do have powerful hooves that can cause severe injury if the deer is startled and feels threatened and strikes out with them.

If you love our wildlife, please watch or photograph them from a distance and keep both yourself and the animals safe.

Encampment Time

The annual Red River Family Encampment is set for June 24-28 in downtown Red River.

The main tent will be in the Municipal Parking Lot. There will also be small tents in Brandenburg Park.

Organized and sponsored by the Church of Christ, the event will feature lectures, Bible study and discussion, musical concerts and fellowship.

Last Call

The annual Red River 4th of July Main Street parade will be held on Tuesday... July 4!

The 2017 theme will be “Community Unity.” The Red River Chamber of Commerce is accepting entries for the parade which every year draws a mammoth crowd extending the length of the parade route on Main Street - NM Highway 38.

For entry forms or information about the parade call 575-754-2366 or stop by the CoC office located in the Conference Center.