Jeff Allen has been coming to Red River since the age of 5. His grandparents owned La Casita cabin on West High Street from 1967 to 1986. His aunt, Sandy Tibbets and husband Bill owned a condo at Golden Nugget.

It was no surprise, therefore, when Jeff and his wife of 26 years, Jeanne, bought a condo at Golden Nugget four years ago and spent 6-8 months a year in the Valley.

Jeff is the latest addition to the Red River Marshal’s Office. He served in law enforcement for 25½ years, retiring from the Irving Police Department (IPD) in his Texas home town. He is the third generation of law officers in his family.

“Every since I was little, just hearing the stories and growing up around it... I just wanted to do it. There were two things I wanted to be: a professional football player and a police officer.”

The football career did not work out. Being a police officer at age 21 did work out.

He started out in Patrol in Irving before working Narcotics, Administration, working on an Impact Shift and working the Front Desk, City Hall. The last year and a half he was on a Deployment Unit.

Jeff retired from IPD (“honorable discharge”) and moved to Red River. Tim Boren, with whom he had worked in Irving, had become a Red River Deputy in 2017 and it was Boren and Red River Marshal David Smith who put a little gentle pressure on Jeff to utilize his experience and skills in his new hometown.

“You know, the thing is that once your are in law enforcement, you are always ‘there.’ It’s always there. Plus, Jeanne wanted to live in Red River full-time. This is where I’m supposed to be and this is what I’m supposed to be doing! I took them up on it and... I’m happy!”